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Communication is basically listening and responding.
Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? It can become easy and healthy if you commit to learning the Plane Before Speaking suggestions that can smooth out some of the rough edges of how you communicate now. My goal was to write a very short, easy-to-read ebook with suggestions the reader could begin to use immediately. As a therapist I know that learning, strengthening and refining the skills of communication is an issue with almost everyone.

The goal I'm suggesting in this book is to change how you participate in relationships. Today is not about explaining relationships. It is not about how to make another person change. It's about you changing. It will take courage to change how you communicate without focusing on the shortcomings of the other person. Although improvement can happen quickly, do not expect instant cures. You need time to learn these skills. And, the people in your life need time to adjust to the changes in you.

The suggestions in this book are simple and powerful.
To be successful you need to commit to use these suggestions and keep on using them. At first it may be difficult for you. Some things might feel awkward and/or uncomfortable. But you can do this. And when you do, others will begin to respond differently to you.

I hope you will allow me to share some of the insights I have gained from my work with individuals and couples in the past 20 plus years. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist with an office in Sherman Oaks, California. I am a graduate of Biola University in LaMirada, CA as well as California State University at Los Angeles. I have both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in psychology. I welcome your feedback at

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Margaret Johnson